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What are we?

Started on December 9th 2020 by Elioty , and then restarted in February of 2021 with a new team of archivists, the True Vanilla Experiment wiki is dedicated to archiving all of the relevant to its history, from the smallest shack to the biggest clans. We are a bunch of devoted players who decided to administrate this Wiki so that all TVE players that want to can archive themselves the history they know about or have experienced. Please note that this Wiki is NOT anarchy : a disrescpectful or toxic behavior or actions can result in punishement. See the rules for more information.

What is TVE?

The True Vanilla Experiment, often called True Vanilla or TVE is an anarchy server started on March 6th, 2020 by the Purity Vanilla admin penguin4215, as an experiment "intended to test the limits of vanilla Minecraft servers."

They describe themselves as "the only public, non-whitelisted vanilla server without a pre-established community currently running on 1.16.5" . There is only some slight plugins made to keep the server from constant crashing and timer hacks, although the server is mostly unmoderated and vanilla.

The server was supposed to be online for only 2 weeks, though penguin4215 ran it from March 6th 2020 to February 13th 2020, the date where he closed the server because he could not keep it running anymore. On February 16th of the same year, the server ownership was transferred to the NetherAnarchy owner sleepylessons, and with it came a new period of the server's history , and the server came back online.

Interesting TVE Links :

TVE Discords : Go onto the TVE Discord Servers page.

TVE Site :

PlanetMinecraft page :

TVE current Timeline : . For history on the timelines and a more "textual" and complete look on the timelines, see the Timeline page.

TVE Seed : 2426634488996464447

TVE Wiki :

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I cannot recommend the Timeline page enough if you want to see the wiki events unfold in chronological history. You can also use the Community Tab to see various subjects on which you can expand.

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You can! As long as it's somewhat relevant (don't make a page on just a random stripmine or dirt shack you found) and as long as there is enough description and content on the page, you will have added a stone in the TVE Wiki house. We love to see contribution from everyone :)

Contact us?

Here is the TVE Wiki Official Discord : . Contact these people for information :

- Elioty (Elioty2) Admin/Founder/Discord Admin : Elioty#3574

- GlinglinMerguez (GlinglinMerguez) Content Moderator : GlinglinMerguez#7204

- Grimone (Grimone) Content Moderator : Grimone#8278

-ExxxxED (exxxx) Content Moderator : exxxx#9789

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